Tonight, the Minnesota State House of Representatives cast a vote on Senate File 31. Let me start by saying that, this bill is not a good bill. It was just enough porridge in the bowl of the needy to string them along & keep them from revolting against the King. On top of the payouts being table scraps, the money was taxable as well. The bill also stated that you must be in good standings with the revenue department. Essentially, businesses that are already hurting & may not be caught up on their state taxes, could not receive a penny of this money. But Cal Bahr had another idea

In that hearing Rep. Cal Bahr introduced what was effectively a ‘Delete & Replace’ amendment. What made it interesting was the replace part. In short, it would have effectively ended the Governors emergency powers tonight. But it would have gone a step further in amending the current law to prevent Governor Tim Walz, & any other Governor thereafter, from ever enacting them again with out the complete consent of both congressional bodies. We know, that if the amendment was adopted, the Senate would gladly vote that bill into law.

Tim Mahoney, like most democrats, tried to play the sympathy card. He said that if the bill wasn’t passed, 126,000 Minnesotans would lose their unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. Well we did some math on this one. If the order is lifted on the 18th as it was promised by the governor, people could be back to work by Monday. Many as soon as the next day. Given that with a week delayed pay period, and the 1-week benefit delay on the unemployment, those 126,000 workers would receive their last benefit check on the week of the 28th. The following week, most would likely see their first paycheck from their first week back on the job. Not to mention that most of them are in the hospitality business so they would have the immediate benefit of cash tips. Folks it does not add up to not open the businesses.

As the headline reads, Carl Bahr had it right. Unfortunately, too many others were worried about what it would look like in the local news. So, you need to look at the vote, you need to ask yourself if you are being represented or pacified. Both sides should be ashamed.

(It should be noted that since Governor Walz signed executive order 20-01 on March 13th, 2020, effectively putting hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans out of a paycheck overnight, he has not missed a single paycheck himself. This is also true for the rest of the legislative body that continues to grant him his unconstitutional powers.)

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