Gavin Carden

Gavin Carden

There is a recent poll from Rasmussen that stated 30% of Democrats polled, thought the election was stolen from President Trump. This is interesting alone, in that, 30% of Democrats Think the election was stolen from President Trump! Here is the part that is not sitting right with me. Of the Democrats polled, 84% of them believe that President Trump should concede to Joe Biden. Well folks, that does not add up. That would mean that nearly half (47%) of those who believe that election was stolen from President Trump, are supporting the cheating.

This is scary thought & something that both the people and the politicians should be paying very close attention to.

The Democrat party had a long history of having to ‘lay in the bed that was made’ if you will. The most recent & probably the most damaging to their agenda would be when Harry Reed moved to a simple majority for confirmations in the Senate. I imagine that they are regretting that one right now if we look at the United States Supreme Court.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, we have the Republican party that is notorious for taking a blow and rolling over. When Senator Mitch McConnell address the upper chamber on Wednesday, & congratulated Joe Biden & Kamala Harris on the electoral win, he essentially did just that. He also took it a step further and urged his party not to contest the vote.

This is concerning in that, there is still some very serious & very active litigation going on in many states. Many of the cases that the media is reporting being dismissed are not over. Much like they made Michael Flynn to be a treasonous traitor to our republic when he was convicted of what is known as a process crime. The federal equivalent to a parking ticket. Many of these cases are being dismissed not based on merit but rather improper filing or a procedural issue. Senator McConnell knows that & so do many others.

Now to my point. My headline reads: “We know they cheated but who cares?”. Well, we do. There are a few others that do too & are in a position where they can take some action. Senator Josh Hawley of MO had some very interesting things to say during an “Election & Security Administration” committee hearing yesterday. He noted that 74 million Americans feel that they had an election stolen from them. He also made it known, with passion, that he was not only going to fight for the rights of the people in his Home state of Missouri, but also the rights of the 74 million across our nation. Senator Rand Paul of Tennessee also has reportedly stated that he has not ruled out contesting the electoral vote. There are others reported as well in the Senate, but nothing noted in public yet.

In the house you have Rep. Mo Brooks from the great state of Alabama who has already stated that he will be contesting the results in GA, PA, MI, AZ, & NV. It sounds like the rest of the Freedom Caucus will be joining him. Now we do not expect that the House will go along with challenge as it is controlled by Democrats. We can, however, pressure the senate to do the job we sent them to do & join those who contest the vote in those states. If that happens then there is no certification of the election. In which case, we are off to a vote of the states in the house where President Trump is Favored to win by a majority of states votes.

This is important to us regardless of what side of the isle you are on. If you do not fight to protect the vote that you cast in every election you are indirectly giving away any one of the rights that our elected officials want to take from you. By not standing up and fighting, you are handing over the control. Look at Venezuela. Look at history around the globe and ask yourself if that is really what you want. Yeah, it might have gotten your guy in this time. What happens when next time it is used against you. The consequences can be very damaging to what you believe in. For those of you on the left who do not believe me, ask Harry Reed about the Supreme Court of The United State.

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