Gavin Carden

Gavin Carden

Over the last few days and weeks there has been some very credible testimony put forward that has really put Justice Roberts in a bit of a pickle. We have known for a long time that he has had a slight distain for the people and their love of our constitution. That was made clear in his ruling on the Affordable Care Act. He publicly suggested that you get what you vote for when he sided with the liberal justices and upheld the act. That ruling started many of us wondering why for so long he suggested he was favored to rule against it, but at the last minute changed his mind. Now, we know that he has had some questionable rulings prior to that. However, many believed he was truly ruling on what he interpreted the law to be prior to the ACA.

Fast forward to the Era of Trump. Roberts has become increasingly hostile to the right with his rulings on many issues brought forward by the Trump administration. This leaves many of us wondering why. The Supreme Court of the United States has long been held in a high regard as the blind and final arbiter of the law. Recently that has come into question when far left Justices favored legislation from the bench over the founding documents. I know I will probably catch hell for this but, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was by far the worst. Though her death is tragic, and she cannot be discounted for all she did to fight for equality, her absence on the bench offered a chance for us to step closer to our originalist ideas and further from a leftist agenda that was rooted in her socialist views.

Now we are seeing a new problem emerge. Ruling based in fear. With the recent comments that were reported to be said by Justice Roberts, we find ourselves in an extraordinary time. Roberts has been accused of attempting to shut down junior Justices who supported hearing several cases about election fraud. His reason being the threat of civil unrest. This is disturbing on so many levels that some of us lose sleep at night. Others see it as a major sign of weakness. As the Chief Justice in the highest court in the land, weakness is the last thing you want to portray to those you serve. Others suggest that he is being bought. Some suggest that he is compromised as his name has been allegedly found on flight logs of the late, not so great, Jeffery Epstein. Though the allegations are unproven, they seem to come from some credible sources.

Then comes the Texas case that sued Pennsylvania for their inexcusable handling of the election. His premise was flawed. He made his choice based on fear and some would speculate political motives. Given everything that we are seeing unfold in front of us and knowing that Roberts seems to be doing everything he can to make sure Trump exits the oval office on the 20th, it is leaving many with little to no confidence in the court. It leaves many of us wondering about him. With this and recent history looming over his head, the longer he sits on the bench, the longer there will be distrust in the courts and ultimately equal justice under the law. So, I propose two courses of action for President Trump or Justice Roberts to take prior to the end of the year.

  1. Appoint a new Chief Justice. Justice Thomas seems a deserving fit.
  2. Justice Roberts himself should resign to keep the good name of the court.

We know both are an unlikely scenario, however, we know the court cannot be made whole if he sits in the tallest chair of the highest court.

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