Gavin Carden

Gavin Carden

Imagine if you will a cold winter morning very early in the year. Political tensions are rising in a divided nation. A new leader is named, and chaos erupts in the halls of the governing bodies. The heart of the government has been attacked. It is seemingly obvious who attacked, and the politicians are quick to get in front of the media to point that out. Many of the accused claim they had nothing to do with the attack. But the onslaught of accusations is too great for their voices to be heard. Soon the authorities begin arresting thousands of people who may or may not have had anything to do with the attack. It seems to be based more on guilt by association rather than true guilt itself. Political opponents of the new leader are threatened & called for their removal. Private citizens are made to look like insurrectionists. Many loose their jobs and lively hoods for simply having a political opinion. Businesses cease to do business with supporters of the opposition party in fear of the backlash they may receive from the new government and supporters of the new leader. The new perceived threat in an internal threat that the media says we should all fear.

The new leader promises a new and revitalized nation. A nation where we will all prosper and come together. At the same time the new leader decides that there are certain groups that are more deserving than others since they have a history of oppression in their country and should no longer be subjected to a system that has held them down for so many years. The divide begins and it moves swiftly.

For years prior the new leader and his party have been pushing the divisions based on identity through the schools and universities, news papers and media, and massive disinformation campaigns through violent protests and assemblies. At this point many in the country are uncertain what will happen next, so they keep their heads down and their mouths shut. Large corporations join the side of the new leadership in hopes that they will be at best rewarded or at worst spared from its wrath. Ideology is promoted through product advertisement and in some cases cutting off those who do not comply or conform to the new agenda.

For the citizens, the fear of what may happen if they speak out against the new authority that has taken over their capital and government will overwhelm them to the point of complete and total submission. They no longer feel safe in their own country. Soon they start to flee to other areas that they feel safest. Neighboring cities and territories of the country where the new leadership seeming has not taken control. Places where the local governments still support their fundamental freedoms as humans and allowed them to speak freely, worship as they wished, and live the life that they wanted.

Soon those cities and territories will be overtaken by the awesome power of the central government. The rest of the world would soon regret standing by and allowing the corruption and tyranny to prevail in a nation that had so much influence over the globe. Never would they think that they were about to witness some of the most horrific days our world has ever seen.

That cold winter morning was Monday February 27th, 1933 in Berlin Germany. That attack was the Reichstag Fire. The new leader was Adolf Hitler. The Nazi party was now in control. If all of this sounds familiar to you then I beg you to take pause to reflect on history. It does repeat itself, but only because we allow it to. Our Country is at a critical point. Identity politics pushed by the left and the Democrat party are the beginning of what we witnessed in Germany for years leading up to what started one of the worst genocides and global conflicts we have seen in modern history. World War II was a direct result of power-hungry politicians who survived off corruption, fear, and totalitarian control.

For almost 245 years we have survived as a nation through the wisdom and guidance of our founding fathers. Today we are on the brink of loosing that country and all it stands for. Do not let history repeat itself. We need to stand against the Tyranny and the oppression that is coming from the left. They have stated on many occasions that they want to dismantle our nation and turn it into a socialist state where government controls every aspect of your life from cradle to grave.

Do not allow that to happen. Let’s keep our country free for our children and every generation to come afterwards. Stand together and remember that we are many and they are few. There is true power in numbers and we have the numbers.

Final note: Years later after many trials and investigations, it is widely accepted that the fire set in February of 1933 to the German capital building, was intentionally set by the Nazi party to ignite the tinderbox and give reason to the elimination of the opposition party. Many historians believe it was orchestrated by Hitler himself.

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