January 20th, 1942 - The Wannsee Conference


1942 Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee Conference in Berlin to organize the “final solution”, the extermination of Europe’s Jews

Sometimes we turn away from the gut wrenching images of history. As painful as it may be it is necessary for us to know it and remember it. If not we are doomed to repeat it. The horrific “Final Solution” that was discussed on this day in 1942, brought about a new dark chapter in our worlds history. It taught us the dangers of tyranny and totalitarianism. For the first time images of genocide and disregard for human life were brought to our front doors. We saw first hand from thousands of miles away what pure evil looked like.

This all stemmed from a political ideology that was based on complete and total control over the people by their government. If you were in opposition of that view, you and anyone like you would be wiped from the face of the earth. Those who were compliant were rewarded with the privilege to live outside the walls of a prison. Those who were not were sent to a life of forced labor at best or a shallow grave at worst. Men women and children were among those who were murdered simply because of a their religion, political belief, or even having the wrong name. What we are seeing today play out in our nation is terrifying in the sense that when you compare what lead up to the holocaust is chillingly similar to what we are seeing in our schools, media, and now rhetoric from our elected officials. Let this historical even be a reminder of what unchecked power can and will do if the people allow it. 

I know its painful and heartbreaking, but we need to see it so that we don’t forget it. 

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