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Newsletter Sent 1/25/2021

Good Morning Americans,

          Last week we started to speak about the history of not only our nation but other nations around the world who have gone through exactly what we are seeing today in the United States. We are starting a journey of educating people of the dangers that they may not see because they do not know what to look for. History is not taught in our schools anymore. It is curated to form the minds of children in a way that they do not know the horrors that have taken place in our world. Some will argue that it is to protect them from the terrifying stories and scenes that played out. Others will argue that it is deliberate indoctrination to obtain a socialist society. Well, I am not here to you make your mind up for you. I am here to educate you and let you come to your own conclusion.

If you find these articles educating, please take them and pass them along. Share them on Social media and send them to your friends and family. Help educate those around you so that we can preserve our republic for our children and future generations. It takes less than a minute to share an article and we would be forever grateful.

Please remember, our site is not, nor will it be “Ad Supported” We don’t even ask for donations. We put direct links up for charities and support those who have been targets of the leftist cancel mob that aim to destroy them. We support those who support our Freedoms. If you would like to contribute content or be an opinion writer please reach out to us at wethepeople@endofpoliticians.org 

We thank you for your support by reading and helping to educate those around us. With that, I want leave you with a quote that is painted for all to see on a building in Montgomery Alabama. A city with a history that is beyond painful. 

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again” 

~Maya Angelou

God Bless,

Gavin Carden

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