Gavin Carden

Gavin Carden

Whether you love the man or hate the man I hate to break it to you, it was never about Donald J Trump. A new president has been sworn into office and yet today we continue to see riots and unrest around the country by those on the radical left. Our country is seeing the true insurrectionists in cities like Seattle, Portland, DC, and many others across the nation. The war we are fighting is not one with an army or a nation. It a war against an ideology that will destroy the fabric of what keeps us free. Vladimir Lenin was the father of modern-day socialism that was quickly taken to an extreme by his successor Joseph Stalin. A dictator who murdered a conservatively estimated 20 million people. Lenin himself said that socialism is intended to be a vehicle to communism. He started a movement with a group of radicalized militants that had one goal. Overthrow the czar-based government with a communist collective that imposed complete and total control over the lives of the citizens. Effectively they took an entire nation and imprisoned them as servants to the elite. It was sold to the people to work as a collective where everyone has an equal piece of the pie so to speak. You would here phrases such as “for the greater good” or “in the interest of equality”. Both of which we hear frequently in today’s political climate.

The left has pushed this dangerous narrative with little to no resistance from the moderates or the right. At least not in our elected bodies. They always seem to say, “that will never happen” or “They are not serious”. Well, we are seeing today that they are serious, and it is happening. Make no mistake our nation is under attack by the very same ideology that destroyed the Soviet Union and cost the lives of millions of innocent Men, Women, and Children. Radical groups such as Antifa, BLM, white supremist groups, the black panthers, and many others who seek to divide the nation based on identity are pushing us closer and closer to s civil war. The politicians that we have in office are doing nothing but taking a sledgehammer to that wedge and driving it deeper with every swing.

President Trump, for all his good and all his bad was never the target. You the American people were. Under his time in office America saw prosperity and freedom like we have never seen in modern times. Much of the power moved away from the Federal government and back closer to the people. Many of the crimes committed by the politicians and the massive corruption were exposed. Many Americans were “Red Pilled” if you will over the last 4 years. Make no mistake, its not him that they are after it is you the American People.

Many people will also argue that in the last year of his term we were all locked in our houses and that’s not freedom. Well, That you can thank your states Governors for. They are the ones who took those freedoms from you. Now with President trump leaving office and Joe Biden taking the helm, all the governors that wanted everything locked down miraculously want to open back up. Even though the “pandemic” is still raging out of control.

On the national stage and in some state bodies, the far left, the democrat party, and much of the republican party, want to have complete and total control over your lives. They want to be the ones to tell you what you can eat, what you can say, and especially what you can do. Right now, we are in what I call the “Socialism Lite” stage of the game. Its about to move very quickly into the next stage and beyond if we do not start paying attention. If you look back in history and research the timeline of the Soviet Union and communism in Europe from 1915-1989, you will find a disturbing story to be told. If I had to guess we are at about the 1922 point. We have a socialist in the White house with an extremist dictator waiting in the wings. Many people do not think that President Biden will be in power in two years. If he is ousted in his first term that puts us at the 1924 mark. In 1924 is when Stalin took over in the Soviet Union. What comes next is not a pleasant sight.

Going forward I will be highlighting the History of nations around the world that fell to socialism & eventually communism. My goal is to teach as many people as possible the history of our world so that we can learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes we made in the past. Our country and maybe even our lives and the lives of our children depend on it.

Stay tuned and you will see how history is repeating itself.

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