Gavin Carden

Gavin Carden

It’s interesting that people are incapable of learning from the past or others mistakes. Newsmax TV may have some short lived success if they continue to allow their left wing commentators posing as journalists to throw temper tantrums on the air. 

Fox was once the King of Cable News. Fox ratings that were untouchable to those other news outlets. Sometimes double the viewership. They held that slot for years dominating the prime time market. Now they sit in a distant 3rd to the rest left to enjoy the bread crumbs of the other major news networks. All because they abandon their base on November 3rd, 2020. 

Where did they all go? CNN & MSNBC did not see much if any measurable growth. But Newsmax did. some months they reported over 128% growth. But sadly for them if things do not change soon they too will fall to the same fate as Fox did. Only much much Quicker. 

Agree with him or not, what was displayed by commentator Bob Sellers was an example of what no one wants to see in a “Journalist”. In an interview with Mike Lindell, Sellers decided to talk over Lindell after he mentioned allegations of voter fraud. Sellers at one point asked the producers to cut Lindell’s feed. Eventually this prompted Sellers to walk off the set in what can only be described as a temper tantrum. 

Many people believe that wide scale voter fraud took place in the 2020 election but that truly is beside the point here. The main reason that this can and will hurt Newsmax is that they allow their “News Anchors” to inject their political opinions into the news. They also failed to see what really happened to Fox on election night. The largest portion of the target market for media is indeed the center right and conservative portion of America. If you want to keep that market you need to remember one thing. It’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong. When you squash free speech, they leave your platform. When you report false news, they stop buying your paper. When you push your own political narrative and don’t allow the opposition to speak, people stop watching your show. When you let any of that get out of control, they will abandon you all together. Don’t believe me? Ask Suzanne Scott. 

Independents and conservatives are arguably the largest base of consumers and in general the majority of the country.  They have shown that they will go where they can be heard and actually participate in civil discourse. Once you take that away you will lose them. Tread lightly Newsmax. Bob Sellers is your Shepard Smith. He soon will start the fall of your empire if you don’t get control of him now. 

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