Joe Rogan discussed Jen Psaki in one of his latest podcasts.  He said it all and the brutal honesty was spot on. 

Joe Rogan discussed Jen Psaki, Biden’s White House Press Secretary in a brutally honest fashion.

Rogan shares:

Jen Psaki, she looks shrew.  She looks like someone who’s like a teacher who you’re like, “Oh, not this lady”.  Like if you gotta sub, a substitute teacher, “Oh Mrs. Psaki, oh great.”

Image that gig.  Being a f***ing White House Press Secretary, you just have to lie… You would have an arguement about her and she wouldn’t even try to be accurate.  Can we just try to dance around the truth.  We’ll circle back to that.  But what I’m trying to say and what the President means is that… When they have those speaches, it’s not about truth.  That’s the most frustrating thing about that… It’s just bullsh*t.  All they’re trying to do is just make it sound good.  That’s all those speaches are, just make it sound ok.  It’s not about relaying informaiton or facts or being accurate or transparent, it’s just about sounding good enough to get outta that with a win or at least a draw… She just bullsh*ts about things…

See the video exchange below:

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