There appears to be a pattern occurring where 7% of the ballots dropped in drop boxes in the 2020 Election were illegal ballots.

Two weeks ago we reported that True the Vote stated that 7% of the ballots dropped in Wisconsin drop boxes in the 2020 Election were likely illegal votes.  Country-wide this could be around 5 million ballots.

An Organized Crime Perpetrated on Americans – Experts Claim in Testimony At Least 4.8 Million Ballots Trafficked in the 2020 Election (VIDEO)

The next day on April 5, 2021, we reported that in Lehigh County Pennsylvania, a similar ratio of ballots dropped in drop boxes in the 2020 Election appear to be illegally harvested.

We reported that the local Republican District Attorney in Lehigh County decided not to prosecute those individuals identified through a forensic analysis who were involved in illegally dropping ballots in the drop boxes in the county.

Hundreds of Suspects Filmed Stuffing Multiple Ballots Into PA County Drop Boxes — But Republican DA Won’t Prosecute ANY of the Suspects Because Not Everyone Has Been Identified (VIDEO)

Today we received the report from the county where the investigation performed showed that 7.1% of the individuals who dropped off ballots in drop boxes in the county, dropped off multiple and therefore illegal ballots.

Below is the letter from the Lehigh DA where he rationalizes why he is not going to prosecute individuals who were identified as committing election crimes in the 2020 Election in the county.

Memorandum Lehigh County PA Ballot Harvesting by Jim Hoft on Scribd


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