Rudy Giuliani uncovered himself as the man in the jack-in-the-box costume on Wednesday’s Masked Singer Show and the judges and the crowd never saw it coming.  

Yahoo reported on Rudy Giuliani’s performance:

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and onetime personal attorney to ex-President Donald Trump, was unmasked on Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”

It was first reported in February that Giuliani was a contestant on the Fox competition show and that two of the four judges, actor Ken Jeong and singer Robin Thicke, left the stage in protest when his identity was revealed during the taping of the episode.

In the version that aired Wednesday, Giuliani was revealed as the inhabitant of the Jack in the Box costume.

The Daily Mail reported on Rudy’s coming out like this:

Lightning-rod attorney Rudy Giuliani‘s long-anticipated appearance on The Masked Singer has finally aired.

Giuliani’s appearance on the show was first reported in February when the episode was taped, but it was unclear when – or whether – the footage would actually run until he was unveiled on Wednesday night’s show.

Wearing a ‘Jack in the Box’ costume, Giuliani revealed himself to the confusion and consternation of the judges, including comedian Ken Jeong, who said ‘I’m done’ before storming off the stage.

Here is a video of Rudy on the show:

What is the deal about comedians being so sensitive when an American hero and statesman is put in their midst?



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