A gunman in northwest Washington, DC has left at least three people injured according to the Metropolitan Police Department, with video evidence taken by the shooter himself purportedly uploaded to the infamous 4chan imageboard.

Warning, this post contains a link to a video allegedly taken by the gunman and depicts him indiscriminately targeting men, women, and children.

DC police say that the shooting happened on the 2900 block of Van Ness Street, northwest. A large contingent of officers are present at the scene alongside the city’s fire department, and members of the US Secret Service and ATF.

“At approximately 3:20 this afternoon…officers responded to the reported sounds of gunshots,” Assistant Chief Stuart Emerman told members of the media in a video update linked below. He informed them that three victims, two adults and one juvenile female, of the shooting had been transferred to the hospital and all of them are in stable condition.

When questioned about an alleged suspect who was seen by observers being handcuffed and taken away by responding officers, Emerman explained that a number of people present at the scene attempted to flee and suggested that the individual in handcuffs was likely detained for questioning and would be released if he had no involvement in the incident.

Police are actively combing the area searching for where the shooter fired from and would not confirm whether or not the department had recovered a shooting tripod at the scene. MPD believes that gunfire only came from one location, implying that they currently believe there was only one shooter.

On 4chan, shortly after the time of the shooting, a user posting under the name Raymond Spencer uploaded a video showing the crosshairs on a scope as it panned across a street and building shooting indiscriminately as his intended targets fled. “Oh God, please forgive me,” the user commented. Emerman indicated that MPD is aware of the video but has yet been unable to confirm whether or not it is linked to the shooting.

That video can be seen here.

This is a developing story and more information will follow as updates from MPD come in.

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