Joe Biden attended a ritzy fundraiser and rubbed elbows with DC elites Thursday evening after incoherently babbling in Portland.

Biden attended a fundraiser at the Portland Yacht Club hosted by Win McCormack, the owner of the Communist rag, “The New Republic.”

Biden said Democrats have done such a great job that it’s just hard for people to understand how well things are going.

“What I’m worried about now is that we’ve done one hell of a job, but the fact is things have moved so rapidly, so profoundly, it’s hard for people to understand…let me just give you a few statistics…” Biden said to a group of out-of-touch elitists.

The statistics are just too confusing.

  • Inflation rates are at a 40-year high
  • Gas prices are at record highs
  • Covid vaccine mandates
  • Endless mask mandates for airplanes
  • Millions of illegals flooding over the US border
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • 13 dead US service members in Afghanistan

According to Biden, that’s one hell of a job.


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