Another EPIC rant by Steve Bannon on today’s War Room.
The American people are rising up and the Democrats are in a panic!

Steve Bannon: “Let’s cut to the chase. Democrats, I don’t care if they don’t like hearing this or not, Democrats can only win if they cheat. They’ve gotta have the media as a Praetorian Guard for them, or they obviously gotta cheat with the mail-in, with all the phony votes, stuff like that. Your day is over… It’s a two-gun strategy. You got DeSantis on one hand. You got Elon Musk on the other. It’s not just that they are having a bad week. They understand there’s a new reality, that we’re not going to take this anymore. That we’re not going to take this from corporations anymore… People are understanding, not just that we can punch back, we can play smash-mouth!

Via Steve Bannon on GETTR.

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