The majority of the 51 Intel “Experts” who pushed the fairy tale that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation are connected to the Bush dynasty.  No wonder they were on the side of the Biden clan. 

It was clear that the information coming from Hunter’s laptop that was reported by legitimate sources like this site was accurate.   This all occurred weeks before the 2020 Election.  But then came the report from a group of so-called Intel experts who claimed that the Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation.

A couple of weeks ago the Trump team noted that they would sue the 51 Intel “Experts” who claimed that the laptop was Russian disinformation.

Good News! Trump Attorney to Go After 51 Intel “Experts” Who Lied About Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell Days Before Election

Today we answer the question – who are these Intel experts who claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation?

Below is a file that shows the individuals who claimed the Hunter laptop was Russian propaganda.  Note that most of these players were related to “Papa Bush” who once led the CIA.  This list is a “who’s who” of Deep State scoundrels.

Here is the first set of spies identified:

Here is the second set:

Here is the third set:

Here is the overall composite.


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