Pence memoir that ‘chronicles’ Trump’s ‘severing of their relationship’ coming in November

Former Vice President Mike Pence is releasing a memoir that promises to detail former President Trump’s “severing of their relationship” amid the deadly Capitol riot last year on Jan. 6.

“So Help Me God,” which takes its title from the oath of office, will be a “story of faith and public service,” Pence said in a Tuesday announcement about his autobiography.

Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, said in a promotional page for the book that it will recount 63-year-old Pence’s “journey from his youth in Columbus, Ind., to the vice presidency of the United States.”

“This is the inside story of the Trump administration from its second-highest ranking official and of a profound faith that has guided Pence throughout his life,” the publisher said.

The book will offer “the most robust defense of the Trump record of anyone who served in the administration,” according to its publisher.

But it also said it would include Pence’s take on what happened on Jan. 6., when the then-vice president, presiding over the joint session of Congress in his ceremonial role, refused to bow to pressure from Trump to reject Electoral College votes from some states that went for now-President Biden.

“So Help Me God,” Simon & Schuster said, “chronicles President Trump’s severing of their relationship on Jan. 6, 2021, when Pence kept his oath to the Constitution.”

While he hasn’t officially thrown his hat in the ring, Pence is believed to be a potential 2024 presidential race contender.

Simon & Schuster announced last year that it had signed a two-book deal with Pence.

“So Help Me God” is scheduled to be released on Nov. 15, just days after the midterm elections.