The dirty cop – FBI Assistant Special Agent Timothy Thibault, outed by Senator Grassley this week as the one who covered up Hunter Biden’s laptop while posting anti-Trump Lincoln Project garbage, was also the FBI’s spokesman for 2020 Election integrity.  

On Monday Senator Grassley released a letter he sent to the “institutionally corrupted to the very core” FBI.  The gangsters who took over the FBI during the Obama Administration turned it into a far-left criminal enterprise.

Grassley pointed out that FBI Assistant Special Agent Timothy Thibault shared anti-Trump social media posts while covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

FBI Agent Who Covered For Hunter Biden is Russia Collusion Hoaxer – Per Sen. Grassley – The DOJ and FBI Are “Institutionally Corrupted to Their Very Core”

Before the 2020 Election the FBI used Thibault as their spokesperson to suggest the 2020 Election was free and fair. What a joke.  This provides more evidence that it wasn’t free and fair.

This man never should have been near the FBI in a fair and just environment.  He’s just another dirty cop in the long list of recent FBI dirty cops. 

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