Democratic group launches ad buy targeting GOP AGs on abortion

The Democratic Attorney Generals Association (DAGA) launched a five-figure digital ad buy on Thursday targeting GOP attorneys general candidates in key states over their stances on abortion. 

The ads use quotes from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), Michigan Republican attorney general candidate Matt DePerno and Nevada GOP attorney general nominee Sigal Chattah in which they discuss wanting to make abortion illegal in their respective states. 

The Hill was the first outlet to report on news of the ad buy. 

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has effectively punted the issue of abortion back to the states. So far, abortion is illegal in seven states, while others put major restrictions on the procedure. 

Both sides of the abortion debate argue state attorneys general are often the last line of defense for maintaining access to the procedure. Democrats are using the issue to galvanize their base, seeking to make abortion a major issue ahead of the midterms. 

“When we said we are going to fight like hell to elect Democratic AGs across the country who will protect abortion access, we meant it,” DAGA communications director Emily Trifone said.  “We cannot allow these Republican extremists to hold the office and pursue their anti-abortion, dangerous agenda of controlling people’s bodies. We’re already seeing the devastating impact in states like Texas with AG Paxton and his far right-wing extremism. Let me be clear: Democratic AGs and candidates trust Americans to make their own personal medical decisions. Republicans do not.”

DAGA has pledged to spend $30 million on attorneys general races going into November. The committee reported seeing a 70 percent increase in donations during the second quarter of the year.