Just 1 in 4 say two parties good enough to represent Americans’ political views: poll

Story at a glance

  • A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll found nearly a quarter of Americans aren’t happy with their options when it comes to political parties.

  • About 26 percent said they believe a third party is necessary. 

  • That wish could come true, with former Democratic New York City mayoral candidate and presidential candidate Andrew Yang announcing a new political party called the Forward Party. 

Americans don’t appear to be happy with their current political party options, as a new national poll reveals a quarter of registered voters believe a third party is necessary. 

A new national USA Today/Suffolk University poll reveals about 26 percent of people surveyed believe a third political party is necessary, while about 33 percent indicated multiple parties are necessary. 

Only about 24 percent said the current two Democratic and Republican parties are good enough. 

The results come as President Biden’s economic approval rating hit 30 percent — five points below what it was in April. It’s also 11 points below former President Trump. 

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The USA Today/Suffolk University poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters across the country and found almost 76 percent of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track.  

When asked if the elections for Congress were happening today, about 44 percent said they’d vote for the Democratic candidate, while about 40 percent said they chose the Republican candidate. 

However, almost 47 percent said they’d like to see a new elected Congress that mostly stands up to Biden, while about 42 percent said they’d like to see one cooperate with the president. 

The stark new survey data comes on the heels of former Democratic New York City mayoral candidate and presidential candidate Andrew Yang announcing a new political party, called the Forward Party. 

It represents a convergence of three separate political parties, Yang’s Forward Party, the Renew America Movement and the Service America Movement. All three are made up of Democrats, Republicans and independents. 

According to the Forward Party’s website, it intends to reject political extremes and work on issues for the unrepresented majority in American politics.  

“The Forward Party will create a political home for everyone willing to set aside the partisan extremes and find practical ways to make this country better. We won’t be checking IDs to see if people are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents,” says the Forward Party’s website. 

Forward Party will not have its own candidates on the upcoming midterm election ballots but will offer up support for select candidates. The new political party hopes to achieve legal recognition in 15 states by the end of this year and in almost all U.S. states by the end of 2024.  

Data indicates it may be a good time to introduce a new political party but it remains to be seen if the Forward Party will be accepted by Americans.