White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday admitted DC can’t handle the influx of illegal aliens.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) on Thursday requested the activation of the National Guard to help deal with the influx of illegal aliens being bussed into Washington, DC.

More than 4,000 illegal aliens have been bussed into DC from Texas and Arizona since mid-April.

Bowser on Thursday called it a “humanitarian crisis.”


Apparently only the Biden Regime is allowed to bus and transport illegal aliens to various locations in the middle of the night.

The Biden Regime is strategically dumping hordes of illegals in red states and red counties in an effort to change voting demographics.

But Karine Jean-Pierre had the gall to claim Republicans are “using migrants” as a political ploy.

“So the White House’s preference would be for small towns in Texas and Arizona to have to take care of these migrants instead of a large metropolitan city like Washington, D.C.?” Peter Doocy asked KJP.

Peter Doocy suggested perhaps Biden should *close the border* and Karine Jean-Pierre shifted the blame once again to Republicans.


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