RNC’s voter contact app rolls out Spanish version

The Republican National Committee is celebrating the rollout of a Spanish-language version of its preferred voter contact app Campaign Sidekick, a move that the GOP hopes will help it continue to make inroads with Hispanic voters.

With the update, the RNC’s door-to-door walk books and call scripts will now be available in Spanish, which it hopes contributes to getting more accurate data in those communities. The RNC says it spearheaded the effort to get a Spanish language feature for the app.

The RNC has already made investments in reaching Hispanic voters this cycle by establishing community centers to help GOP staff build relationships with Hispanic voters. This month, it also launched a “Republican Civics Initiative” to help immigrants prepare for naturalization tests.

The app update rollout comes as the RNC is launching a “weekend of action” to mark 100 days until the midterm election.

“The RNC has invested millions into our data and ground game infrastructure – from our dozens of community centers across the country to reaching voters at their doorstep and speaking their language, the RNC has revolutionized how we engage with minority communities,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “Republicans know that the challenges Americans face and the values we share transcend our differences, and that’s a message resonating with more voters every day.”

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee, 102 Hispanic candidates have filed to run for the House as Republicans this year. Republicans see pushing women, minority, and veteran candidates as key to its success in flipping control of key districts.

The most recent success Republicans celebrated is Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas), who won a special election this summer in the traditionally Democratic-held Rio Grande Valley.