What the hell is going on?  Seriously.  When people withhold evidence in audits they are hiding something.  Period.  I base this on 20+ years of performing and overseeing audits around the world. 

In the corporate world if you withhold evidence from auditors you are fired.  With US elections it’s no big deal. We have to mandate that our politicians and government workers are held to the same standards and ethics that the rest of us are.

This morning a court in El Paso County, Colorado, at 8am will address the issues and apparent corruption in the recent Colorado primary.

Per our sources, the corrupt Secretary of State in Colorado, Jenna Griswold, has sent her top legal team to the county to manipulate and control the recount in that county of the primary results.   In response, those calling for the recount, and forced to pay over $200,000 to perform the recounts across the state, are calling in the Sheriff and filing a report and asking that the voting machines used in the county be set aside and a forensic audit of the machines be performed.

We first reported on the unbelievable results in the recent GOP primary in the state.  Tina Peters, the gold star mom, was leading in all the polls in the state for Secretary of State but she was upset by a candidate related to Zuckerbucks – a virtual impossibility.

Another Raffensperger Special! — Emerald Robinson on Mark Zuckerberg’s Political Operative’s Unbelievable Victory in the Colorado GOP Secretary of State Primary

Peters called for a recount and was forced to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so and she did come up with the money at the last minute.

“This Will Bring Down Their Evil Empire!” – HUGE UPDATE: Candidate Tina Peters Raises Funds for Recount in Stolen Colorado Primary Race! — INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT!

This led to yesterday.  The audit began with an accuracy and logic test of the machines.  It’s unknown if this was even legal.  Ashe at AsheinAmerica wrote:

They are counting the SAME “deck” of test ballots that they used for Logic and Accuracy Testing prior to the Primary. That activity – that test – is prescribed in the Colorado Election Rules 8 CCR 1505-1 (11.3) as the methodology for testing the machines prior to an election. But today’s activities are not testing the machines prior to an election.

They are testing prior to a recount.

As stated in the above statue (the one that governs recounts which should take precedent over the rules where the test ballots are found), that test must be conducted using VOTER VERIFIED PAPER RECORDS with the counts compared to a manual recount. According to the people watching, none of that is happening.

But when yesterday’s activities were performed the results were horrible.  The Dominion voting machines and system were spitting out over 60% of the ballots to adjudication.  (Some argue it should be less than 1% per EAC guidance.)

BREAKING: Dominion Voting Machines FAIL Testing for Colorado Secretary of State Recount — Major Discrepancy Reported with Logic and Accuracy Testing

Last night Tina Peters released the following press release.

This morning in minutes, in Colorado a court will discuss this case and the rampant abuse of elections in the state. 

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