Senator Joe Manchin was on “Meet the Press [Depressed]” this morning.  When asked he wouldn’t answer whether he wanted the Democrats to win the upcoming mid-terms.  

This morning Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia was on the Sunday morning shows and he shared some interesting comments.

As TGP already shared, Manchin shared that he was going to vote for another nearly trillion dollar spending spree with inflation already at 40-year highs.  Somehow Manchin was trying to say this additional debt and money printing would somehow bring down inflation.  This made no sense

Manchin Absurdly Claims Democrats’ Green New Deal Tax-and-Spend Spree Fights Inflation (VIDEO)

But then Manchin seemed to flip and not say whether he would support Democrats winning the upcoming Mid-terms.

Joe Manchin left the entire country asking “What?”  this morning.  We’re not really sure where he stands.

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