Maria Bartiromo joined FOX and Friends this morning to preview her show Sunday Morning Futures.

Maria was asked about Karine Jean-Pierre blaming Republicans for “playing politics” with Joe Biden’s open southern border.

Over three million illegal aliens will cross unimpeded into the country in Joe Biden’s first two years in office. This is an uncontrolled invasion.

Maria Bartiromo WENT OFF.

Maria Bartiromo: I think Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer is about two words, “as if.” As if the border is closed. As if they are not conducting a dereliction of duty. As if they are not using migrants as pawns by keeping an open border and hoping they will get Democrat voters. As if recession doesn’t mean recession. It’s all the same talking points and it’s all the same ignoring something that is absolutely against what the American people want… As if there weren’t massive amounts of fentanyl killing Americans getting seized at the border. As if people were not getting raped on their dangerous trek to America. It is all extraordinary and it’s all dereliction of duty.

Maria is just amazing.

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