Ronna Romney McDaniel was on Varney and Co. this morning.

McDaniel is famous for blowing a landslide presidential election win and allowing it to be stolen by a candidate with dementia who never left his basement.

** McDaniel did nothing when GOP observers were removed from the ballot counting rooms in the battleground states.
** McDaniel did nothing after Democrats dropped tens of thousands of illegal ballots into the state totals in the early morning following the 2020 election.
** McDaniel did nothing when Democrats continued to deliver hundreds of thousands of mysterious votes into the counting rooms days after the elections.
** McDaniel did nothing to address the illegal ballot drop boxes.
** McDaniel took cash from Trump supporters promising to use it to fight the fraud but there is NO evidence that this ever happened.
** McDaniel and the RNC blew off the January 6 protests and partied at the Ritz on Amelia Island instead.

The RNC and Romney McDaniel blew it. They offer the American people nothing as the communist Democrats rip apart and destroy this country.

On Monday Ronna McDaniel went on with Stuart Varney. When he asked her how many seats the Republicans will pick up in the midterms all she could promise is FOUR.

McDaniel and the RNC need to get out of the way.

And working Americans need to finally admit that this Republican Party is weak, ineffective and a subsidiary of the DNC.

The RNC is just up for the fight at hand, to save the country from the communist left.

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