Brian Ramirez in the Maricopy County server room — alone — before he deleted the server database before the government audit.

We just learned of Brian Ramirez’s identity this past weekend.

The elections operative who deleted the Maricopa County elections database before the equipment was turned over to auditors has been identified.

In the video below, an employee is seen alone in the server room in violation of County elections policy. When walking out of the server room, he also appears to be using a cellphone in the unauthorized area.

That employee has now been identified as Brian Ramirez.

Jordan Conradson published this explosive report earlier today.

Ramirez did not have proper access to the server room. Ramirez knew exactly what database to delete!

Why is Ramirez not in jail today?

We also now know that Ramirez obtained access to the room using Kristi Passerelli’s access key.

Why should we believe anything the County says when they don’t even follow their policies and procedures?

We The People AZ Alliance is exposing them for their negligence and their lies.

We The People: Maricopa County elections department claims it is policy to have two people in the server room whenever someone is using the server room (KVM) keyboard video monitor. This video clearly shows that policy means nothing to anyone at the MCTEC.

These videos are to show the blatant disregard for any laws, rules or statutes and is a clear indicator that there is plenty of willfully negligent and potentially unscrupulous people involved in our elections.

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