These aren’t honorable people. These are not honest people. The FBI lost its way a long time ago. The FBI has NO INTENT of regaining the trust of the American public!

Senator Chuck Grassley told Trey Gowdy on Sunday that he didn’t get a call from Chris Wray for 6 months until he published the name of one criminal FBI official who he outed after a whistleblower stepped forward from the agency. The FBI refused to investigate Hunter Biden’s numerous crimes despite the concrete evidence the entire country has seen at this point. The FBI labeled reports on Hunter as fake news and dropped investigations on the Biden Crime Family. They were too busy running bullsh*t investigations on Trump and the Trump administration.

Senator Grassley will have a chance to question Chris Wray on Thursday.

Don’t expect any mea culpa from dirtbag Chris Wray, Chuck.

Chris Wray just raided the home of a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan for standing outside the US Capitol on January 6.

Chris Wray arrested a grandmother with cancer who is now serving 60 days in prison for walking inside the US Capitol on January 6.

“I’m Really Frightened… I’m Scared” – 69-Yr-Old Grandma, Drug Counselor, and Cancer Patient Joins Greg Kelly Before She Is Sent to Prison on Tuesday for Walking Inside US Capitol (VIDEO)

Chris Wray ran the FBI operation to set up lower-income white men in a contrived and paid-for plot to kidnap the sitting governor — completely made up from beginning to end by the FBI.

Chris Wray busted the door down and arrested Dr. Simone Gold for speaking inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. She is currently serving 60 days in prison for her made-up “crime.”

Senator Grassley only received a call from Chris Wray after six months of requests after he published documents proving the hyper-partisanship of this criminal organization that targets and abuses half of the American public.

Wake up, Senator!

The Stasi FBI doesn’t care about your investigations and they certainly are not honorable men and women.

Chris Wray should be locked up for what he has done to the once respected FBI.

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