Gary Gensler is the current head of the SEC.  He was formerly Hillary’s campaign CFO.  He’s tied into the Durham investigation.  The former Director of the SEC under President Trump,  Bill Hinman was involved in what is now considered criminal activities related to cryptocurrency activities with China. 

These people are above the law.  No agency is safe.  They all seem to take advantage of their positions to make money and stomp on the little people.

We noted previously that the current head of the SEC was Hillary’s attorney when millions of dollars were flowing around with some paying for the Trump-Russia lie.  It’s difficult to believe that Hillary’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) didn’t know about millions leaving her campaign related to a Trump-Russia lie.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Current SEC Chair Gary Gensler Was Hillary’s 2016 Campaign CFO When Money Flowed from Her Campaign to Pay for the Scandalous Trump-Russia Lie

However, the past Director of the SEC is as corrupt.  William Hinman, who worked at the SEC under President Trump, was right in the middle of the cryptocurrency surge.  We now know that the entire crypto market has been built around criminal behavior at the SEC.  Yet, not one person in Congress has called for an investigation of the SEC.

Hinman, it turns out received a letter from the top SEC ethics attorney telling him in January 2018 that he:

have a bar under the criminal financial conflict with Simpson because you have an ongoing financial interest in the firm.  Meeting with them while having such a conflict is not permitted…Even calls with them are not permitted.

Hinman actually had a multi-million dollar interest in the firm and it turns out he had meetings with Simpson later in August of 2018.

The Simpson Thacher law firm was a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).  Ethereum is a cryptocurrency.  Hinman was not permitted to meet with Etherium and yet he did.   At the same time, Gensler put together a speech where he gave Etherium a non-security designation.  This designation makes Ethereum more like cash and it, therefore, doesn’t have to comply with burdensome investment-related activities mandated by the SEC.

(Many believe that Ethereum is more of a security than other cryptos like XRP will ever be.  XRP has a purpose while Etherium has none.  XRP is designed to replace the swift currency system between banks.  Ethereum has no such purpose.)

Simpson Thacher also was connected to the IPO of Chinese company Canaan, a Chinese company that sells Ethereum and Bitcoin mining software.

Former SEC Director Hinman labeled Ethereum and Bitcoin currencies and all other cryptocurrencies investments.  This helped his multimillion-dollar interests as well as Chinese interests in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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