Matt Salmon (left), Karrin Taylor Robson (right)

Pima County poll workers have been caught telling voters how to fill their ballots out in another new election scandal revealed by Tucson Radio host Garret Lewis.

The worst part is that it appears to be RINO Republicans in Pima County who are causing another mess.

Before the election, the Departmental Training and Education Coordinator for Pima County’s 2022 Primary Election, Jesus Federico, was caught violating the law by directing poll workers to give Republican ballots to registered Democratic voters.

The Gateway Pundit obtained a recent email where Federico notifies poll workers and admits to “misinterpreting this law.” However, he only sent this because he got caught.


Then, yesterday, an official memorandum was issued by Pima County Administrator Jan Lesher correcting the “misinformation” from Federico claiming poll workers can give Republican Primary ballots to registered Democrats.

The Arizona election is a cesspool of fraud, ONCE AGAIN!

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today that voters are already seeing massive irregularities, fraud, or both, as early as 6:45 this morning. What’s worse, State and Federal law enforcement officers are at the polls to scrutinize conservatives, not to secure elections.

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Although the record was corrected on poll worker training by the memorandum, it appears that poll workers were also trained to illegally tell voters who to vote for or not to vote for.

Matt Salmon dropped out of the Governor’s race last month to endorse Establishment RINO Karri Taylor Robson. His name is still on the ballot. However, it is a voter’s job to know he is no longer a candidate, and poll workers can not tell you to refrain from voting for someone.

Otherwise, this would influence the outcome of the race.

Arizona Law states,

I. For the purposes of this section, electioneering occurs when an individual knowingly, intentionally, by verbal expression and in order to induce or compel another person to vote in a particular manner or to refrain from voting expresses support for or opposition to a candidate who appears on the ballot in that election, a ballot question that appears on the ballot in that election or a political party with one or more candidates who appear on the ballot in that election.

Matt Salmon also endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson. Clearly, this law violation will only help Robson at Kari Lake’s expense.

Tucson radio host Garret Lewis shared a video on Twitter detailing his experience in Pima County today, where the poll workers advised him to refrain from voting for Salmon.

This order came from their higher-ups.

Lewis: So I just voted. And here’s the thing, when I got my ballot, the nice lady says, ‘Oh, just you know, Matt salmon has withdrawn. But he’s on the ballot. He’s withdrawn.’ I said, ‘Why are you telling me this?’ ‘Oh, well, we were we were told we could share that.’ ‘Who told you that?’ ‘Bill.’ I go to Bill, ‘Who told you that?’ ‘I’m trying to remember,’ okay. He walks me to a woman. He’s like, ‘did you tell me?’ She goes, ‘No, you told me.’ I go, ‘Who told you guys to do this?’ ‘Our supervisor.’ ‘Who’s your supervisor? This is electioneering. You can’t tell people who has withdrawn. Their name is on the ballot. It is what it is.’

You know what the crap is, by the way.


‘Well, Matt salmon’s withdrawn.’

‘Well, I was gonna vote for Matt, but I can’t stand Kari, so I’m gonna vote for Karrin.’

Lewis: This is exactly what they’re doing. So I got the supervisor who was a nice guy… And he said, ‘well, the Elections Department said, you know if you want, you can share it. You don’t have to but if you want to you can. It’s okay.’

Well, that’s not okay. That’s literally illegal. The Pima County Elections department once again with their awesome trainer. Jesus Federico, who told people give out the Republican ballots to registered Democrats if they want, which is literally illegal. The only reason that they realize they got caught is because I talked about it on my show, because I was told this by Kelli ward. There now, apparently, the same stupid Department led by this incompetent woman in charge is having their employees of the county literally tell people that Matt salmon has withdrawn You’re not supposed to say a damn thing that’s electioneering. What the hell Pima County? What the hell, Constance Hargrove? What are you doing? They should all be fired.

How do the poll workers respond when asked, ‘Oh, well, who does Salmon support? Do you know?’

They will likely tell the truth for one of two reasons. Either because they are innocent, nice people who don’t know this is illegal or because they are nefarious actors.

The Governor’s race in Pima County is rigged in Robson’s favor.

This is just one of the reasons Patriots have lost trust in our elections.

Listen to Garret Lewis’ America First radio show here.



Pima County responded to this major fraud concern by saying, “corrective action at that location has been taken.”

This is good, but the polls close in a few hours. They violated the law all day long and are guilty of influencing this election. also, what about all other polling locations?

Kari Lake voters must outnumber the fraud.

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