Biden is ‘governing’ the same way he campaigned in 2020: Holed up in isolation while participating in creepy Zoom calls.

Joe Biden on Tuesday virtually joined Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive directive to implement the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022.

Congress just passed the CHIPS Act which of course will do very little to help boost the manufacturing of semiconductors in the US.

Joe Biden on Tuesday tested positive for Covid for the fourth day in a row of his ‘rebound’ China virus case so he’s still isolating at the White House.

Biden’s handlers are trotting him out for 20 minutes at a time before wheeling him back to bed.

Biden clung to his notes on Tuesday as he bragged about the economy under his leadership.

“So that’s when I decided I was going to run [for president] and build this economy from the bottom up and the middle out,” Biden said as desperately searched his notecards.

The US is currently in a recession because of Joe Biden’s policies so there’s that.


Biden’s presidency in the last couple weeks has been one fail after another.

The last two weeks has been Covid, recession, Covid and more Covid with high inflation rates.

No wonder why Biden’s handlers are hiding him at the White House.

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