Let me preface this article by telling all of my readers:  You can use any blue or black ballpoint pen you bring to the voting booth or poll.  Do not let anyone there force you or pressure you into using their pen against your wishes.

Last week, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson reported on a bizarre change of position by Maricopa Co Recorder Stephen Richer.  On July 7th, Richer said to use “any blue or black pen” to vote in Maricopa County.  Then, on July 26th, he changed his tune and pleaded with voters to use the pen provided at polling locations.   Richer claims that a ball point pen takes too long to dry and can “gunk up” the machines.  This unusual explanation in unique to Maricopa Co.  There are no known reports of ball point ink “gumming up” the machines.

This demand by Richer to just “use the darn pen” of course brought back traumatic memories of the 2020 steal when in-person voters were forced to use Sharpies.  The Attorney General in Arizona “investigated” these claims and found them to be inaccurate.

Maricopa County reported that the VoteSecure paper that was used in the 2020 election was resistant to bleed through.  But this would also imply that VoteSecure paper was used throughout the election, as claimed under oath by Chairman Bill Gates.  It was not.  Not even close.

We also found out through the audit and the work of Jovan Pulitzer that the timing marks on these ballots were misaligned.  This potentially caused the bleed through on the backside to be considered a vote, therefore sending those ballots to adjudication and leaving the interpretation up to someone other than the voter.

Fast forward to today and we have reports that the Pentel pens given by the polling locations are still causing bleed through:



It is unknown if this bleed through will be able to impact a vote on the opposite side of the ballot as was claimed and proven in 2020.

Remember: you can use your own pen to vote in any polling location.  Changing the label on a pen and putting “official voter pen” does not make it so.  Shame on Maricopa Co Recorder.

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