Illinois Dem Touts ‘Historic’ Green Energy Spending That Will Likely Pad His Pocket

Illinois Democrat Sean Casten is very happy with his party’s “historic” green energy spending. His latest financial disclosure may show why: The congressman holds up to $500,000 in a green energy company that will likely benefit from the spending.

Casten has spent much of the last week touting Democrats’ so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which is not expected to have “any measurable impact on inflation” but does funnel nearly $400 billion toward green energy initiatives. Casten in a statement last week called that spending “a historic win for American families and for the future of our planet.” It could also be a historic win for Casten’s investment portfolio.

That’s because Casten, according to a financial disclosure he filed last week, holds between $250,000 and $500,000 in Greenleaf Power, a Sacramento-based green energy company that sells “carbon-neutral electricity” to utility companies. The Casten-backed green energy bill contains specific provisions that are likely to benefit Greenleaf. The legislation, for example, allocates roughly $30 billion toward “grant and loan programs for states and electric utilities” that obtain “clean electricity” like that offered by Greenleaf. The bill also provides generous tax credits to property owners who install equipment to harness alternative energy sources such as biomass, in which Greenleaf specializes.

Still, none of Casten’s many statements touting the Inflation Reduction Act’s green energy spending disclose the Democrat’s six-figure stake in Greenleaf, which brought Casten up to $50,000 in “partnership income” in 2021 alone. Casten’s decision to fixate on Democrats’ work to “fight climate change,” meanwhile, may prove to be shortsighted as the congressman faces a competitive reelection campaign against Republican Keith Pekau. Only 35 percent of U.S. adults are “extremely or very concerned” about the effects of climate change, down from 44 percent just three years ago, according to an Associated Press poll.

Power the Future founder and executive director Daniel Turner called it a “shame that the American people are going to be on the hook” for “provisions that enrich this member of Congress.” He also argued that the “green energy” Greenleaf produces from biomass is not truly “green”—the company generates electricity by burning wood, a far cry from the wind and solar energy Casten has touted in the past.

“It just shows you the political motives behind this piece of legislation,” Turner told the Washington Free Beacon. “The fact that we consider biomass clean is really laughable, because biomass is really just burning trees. So why are we proud of that?”

Casten did not return a request for comment. The Democrat’s latest financial disclosure provides some clarity on his Greenleaf holding, as the congressman’s prior disclosure listed Greenleaf but claimed the asset had no value. Casten filed that 2020 disclosure as he urged Congress to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on “tax credits for clean energy.” In one case, Casten went as far as to attack fellow congressional Democrat Joe Manchin after the West Virginia senator expressed opposition toward the spending.

“We’re trying to drive a car into the future,” Casten said during an September 2021 MSNBC interview. “With all due respect to Mr. Manchin, until we’re lining up to take off the emergency brake this car ain’t driving very fast. It’s certainly not driving as fast as it needs to, and that’s the pressure we as Democrats have to keep focused on.” Casten’s past clean energy spending advocacy also excluded any mention of his Greenleaf investment.

Beyond the American public’s waning concern about climate change, it’s unclear if the Inflation Reduction Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law on Tuesday, will have a sizable impact on climate change. A climate scientist who led an independent analysis of the package told the Associated Press the legislation will reduce global warming “not a lot.”

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Texas School District Pushes Teachers To Take ‘LGBTQIA+’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime

A Texas school district encouraged K-12 teachers to take paid time off, at taxpayer expense, to take a course on “how to create supportive learning environments for LGBTQIA+” students as young as five years old.

The Austin Independent School District’s course material, obtained through a public information request, defined gender identity as the “innermost concept of self as male, female, neither or both,” calling it “one’s authentic identity.” The course also provided an example of a girl who questions her gender identity and asked how teachers should properly respond.

“A 14-year-old youth, who recently asked to be called Ronnie not Veronica, discloses to you a desire to go by ‘they’ pronouns,” one PowerPoint slide read. “Ronnie wants to cut their hair short but isn’t sure how their parents will react, making them feel anxious. Ronnie is also stressed because while they have been dating Julie and ‘came out as a lesbian’ in 7th grade, they have started to have feelings for Ted, who identifies as male, and this is confusing for them.”

The Austin public school district did not respond to a request for comment on the substance of the training course.

The district pushed the teacher training amid a series of fights nationwide over whether students should be taught about gender identity and transgenderism. The Free Beacon reported last year that these debates over sex education at the local level are fueled by liberal advocacy groups that push public schools to promote gender ideology to elementary students. One district spiked a sex education plan in Nebraska after parents discovered it was secretly advised by a Planned Parenthood activist, the Free Beacon reported.

The Austin public school district sparked controversy in June when it defied orders from Texas attorney general Ken Paxton (R.), who labeled its pride parade as “human sexuality instruction,” which requires parents to approve their children’s participation. The district rejected Paxton’s claim and followed through with the parade without parental approval.

The “Be a Beacon” gender course is run by Out Youth, which in a February Facebook post claimed that so-called gender-affirming care for transgender children “saves lives.” The training course cited resources from two prominent LGBT groups that also support children receiving puberty blockers and hormone treatment. The presentation cited a book titled, The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals.

“Are you, or parts of you, both? How do you know?” the course asked teachers. “If your anatomy changed overnight to the opposite sex, would it change who you feel yourself to be?”

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Crying Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell HUMILIATED AS HE IS CAUGHT IN LIE AFTER LIE UNDER OATH! Likely Committed Perjury at January 6th Criminal Trial Last Week! MUST-SEE VIDEO of Officer TROLLED Outside Courthouse!

A liberal Democrat public defender destroyed Crying Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell in cross examination and in closing statements at a January 6th defendant’s trial this past week.

Political Prisoner Kyle Fitzsimons watches as his attorney Natasha Taylor-Smith defend him at his trial.

Gonell humiliated himself and likely committed perjury as he was aggressively cross examined by Natasha Taylor-Smith. Taylor-Smith is the rare talented and fair public defender that was assigned to January 6th political prisoner Kyle Fitzsimons. Fitzsimons is a father and butcher from Maine. He is being charged with multiple felonies, including 3 counts of “Assaulting a Police Officer”. He faces decades in prison if convicted.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

The phony Gonell watched his pending book deal “An American Treason: How One Immigrant Saved Democracy” go down the drain as he repeatedly exposed himself as a liar that likely committed perjury multiple times in court.

A tissue wielding Gonell testifies for the Unselect Committee. New video has come to light that may prove he commited perjury.

It was brutal and satisfying to watchUnfortunately, the government will not allow the airing of these trials for the general public and keeps them under wraps. Only approximately 15 people, including the Gateway Pundit, will ever bear witness to the fascinating evidence presented today in the trial of January 6th defendant Kyle Fitzsimons. Unlike the phony one-sided January 6th Hearings, there was actually cross examination and real evidence presented that showed an incredibly different story than the government has painted.

Watch an independent journalist catch Sergeant Gonell outside the DC courtroom here and accuse him of perjury in video below:

As expected, Gonell was able to conjure up a few crocodile tears on the stand for the Judge, although it actually took him a while to finally get himself worked up. He seemed relieved when his voice finally cracked while reminiscing on his “heroic” tales. Tears are now the expected norm for any police officer called to testify about January 6th.

Gonell is one of the crying cops who threw Trump Supporters under the bus and testified for the January 6th Committee on a panel of fellow teary-eyed police officers. He has been lauded a hero by the fake left media outlets like CNN and the recipient of a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Dirty cops. Courtesy of Brendan Smialowski/Pool via REUTERS

Attorney Taylor-Smith did not buy into Sergeant Gonell’s ridiculous self praising “heroic cop” rhetoric. If the trial was a boxing match, a calculating Taylor-Smith knocked the unprepared Gonell around the ring. She waited patiently as he became agitated and confontational, then counterpunched HARD with video evidence and lines of aggressive questioning that caught him in lie after lie.

Kyle Fitzsimons on January 6th.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

This trial proves that Gonell likely lied to the Congress during the Unselect Committee Hearing, lied to the FBI when giving statements and to the media during interviews in which he has painted himself as a hero. This can all be substantiated by the video played out in court during the Fitzsimons trial that directly contradicted many statements made by Gonell on the record and under oath by Congress. Most of this footage is unfortunately not yet available the public, and under seal by the government.

Natasha Taylor-Smith cross examined Gonell after he testified that her client Kyle Fitzsimons was the man that caused his alleged “shoulder injury”. Gonell claims he is permanently maimed and the injury forced him into retirement from the Capitol Police Force (with more than likely a full pension and disability benefits). Gonell testified he remembers his seconds long encounter with Fitzsimons on January 6th, whom he recalled violently pulling his shield down- therefore causing his shoulder injury.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

Fitzsimons watched as Gonell’s testimony was effectively discredited and debunked by the talented Taylor-Smith, who meticulously proved with slowed down video evidence that Fitzsimons never touched Gonell’s shield. In fact, she proved with video that multiple police officers and other protesters were seen leaning on his shield in the mayhem during the time Gonell claims his shoulder was injured.

Maine defendant Kyle Fitzsimons enters the courtroom.

Gonell also testified that he struck Fitzsimons with his baton several times, stressing that he only struck Fitzsimons’ ARMS after being led by the prosecutor. We suspect this is because Fitzsimons’ head was broken open by a police baton in the exchange and he had to have eight staples put in his head at the emergency room. The prosecution knows that it is very possible it was the baton of Gonell that did the near deadly damage, so made sure Gonell testified he ONLY HIT FITZSIMONS IN HIS ARMS. Therefore they could claim Gonell did not use ‘lethal force’ against the protester.

The political persecution of January 6th defendant Kyle Fitzsimons.

Even after seeing the video evidence replayed several times in slow motion showing that Fitzsimons never touched his shield, Gonell continued to insist “It was Fitzsimons!” After it finally dawned on Gonell that the video showed he was a liar, he then changed his tale. A new story emerged that Fitzsimons must have injured him by touching a tiny shoulder strap on his arm (as this was seen in the video he was shown).

This was quickly countered by Taylor Smith. She told the court that when Fitzsimons was touching Gonell’s strap he was not pulling him into the crowd as Gonell attempted to claim. She said Fitzsimons was blinded by the tear gas and having trouble breathing- gas more than likely coming from a huge canister the a police officer was seen spraying liberally into the crowd in the video. Fitzsimons was falling with people on top of him and reaching out for anything to hold onto to prevent himself from being crushed. This is why he had Gonell’s shoulder strap for a few seconds. In the video this is all substantiated. It is obvious Fitzsimmons could not see what he was touching as his head was down in the video and he seemed to be struggling to stay upright. Gonell and Fitzsimons are tangled up in cops fighting protesters. Anyone or anything in the melee could have caused Gonell’s “injury”, yet the DOJ chose this man to persecute.

Kyle Fitzsimons and his baby daughter. She is three years old. Fitzsimons has missed out on over half her young life.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

It is a well known fact that police officers were dousing the crowds with tremendous amounts of tear gas, contributing to the death of Rosanne Boyland and multiple injuries of other protesters who ingested it and slipped on the saturated floors.

“Contrary to what Sergeant Gonell would like this court to believe, it it wasn’t only law enforcement that was having difficulty remaining on their feet as a result of the chaos that was taking place at the mouth of the tunnel,” said Taylor-Smith. “It is clear that Mr. Fitzsimons fell at the mouth of the tunnel.”

Taylor Smith contends that Fitzsimons did not intend to assault Gonell and video shows him falling under a crowd desperately grabbing at the railings or anything to keep upright. She said:

“Officer Gonell wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that at the time that Mr. Fitzsimons was in contact with him he was down on his knees, and that he had several protesters over top of him. At that time Mr. Fitzsimons was in peril of being crushed to death. He was blinded by the spray, on the ground surrounded by punching and kicking. He was unable to protect his head from batons that were falling on him.

He (Fitzsimons) was trying not to die too!”

Video backs up all of this. Unfortunately most of the clips that were shown in court are part of the 14,000 hours of footage not available to the public. The Gateway Pundit was able to view it in DC Court this week in the courtroom.

See video here created by video journalist Gary McBride showing the incident from limited available video:

Gonell was confrontational with Taylor-Smith and he asked if she would call him “Sergeant” when she referred to him as “Officer”. Taylor-Smith later returned the favor when Gonell mispronounced her client’s name and asked he pronounce it correctly.

“It is FITZSIMONS”, she told Gonell, who grudgingly corrected himself.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

This is the first time Gonell has testified under oath in a court of law and was not used to being expected to give an honest answer. Gonell is accustomed to the opportunistic January 6th Committee kissing up to him and asking softball questions. There was no Liz Cheney or Bennie Thompson to encourage and praise him. Sadly, Gonell officially believes his own BS and could not answer a straight question that challenged his character.

During cross-examination, he stepped out of the “hero” character the January 6th Unselect Committee created for him. He showed another side- an arrogant, offensive and rude man that at times refused to directly answer defense questions. He became confrontational with Taylor-Smith, who was not having any of his nonsense.

Natasha Taylor-Smith, the liberal Democrat valiantly defending her Trump Supporter & January 6th Defendant Kyle Fitzsimons.

At times Gonell refused to answer Taylor-Smith‘s questions and reverting back to stuttering his memorized media talking points about “being a hero on the frontline defending the Capitol.” Taylor-Smith waited for him to finish his irrelevant self-praising soliloquies, allowing him to unwittingly show the holes in his own testimony. She asked the judge to instruct the witness to answer her questions and refrain from making irrelevant remarks. “Please just answer Yes or No,” Taylor Smith asked Gonell a number of times, clearly frustrated with his lack of courtroom decorum.

Gonell also admitted under oath that he still calls the FBI to report January 6th crimes he may come across. This man has literally made a business out of being a victim, a shill for the January 6th Committee and now wrongfully incriminating defendants. THIS IS A SICK MAN.

Gonell having a phony meltdown before Congress.

As part of her strategy, Taylor-Smith easily exposed Gonell as a liar and an unreliable witness with vested interest in the outcome of the trial. She successfully pointed out serious flaws in Gonell’s character and conduct to discredit his testimony. She submitted evidence to the court of Gonell purposefully trapping a terrified protester in a corner with his shield that was trying to escape the tunnel. (Gonell had denied and lied about this under oath previously.)

Taylor Smith told the judge:

“I want to talk about the one individual- the white male with the long beard in the corner on the left hand side…

Sergeant Gonell had given a statement to law enforcement where he told law enforcement that that individual in the corner was assaulting police officers, impeding police officer progress, that he was NOT trying to leave and that he didn’t see him cowering. But we have all seen that video now on numerous occasions and not only was that individual not doing any of those thing (besides cowering). At one point he did attempt to leave and  Sergeant Gonell pressed his shield on that individual to prevent him from leaving. And then after Sergeant Gonell stood up to walk away the individual attempted to leave again and was pushed back by law enforcement.

Sergeant Gonell had made a concerted effort to create a narrative that everybody who was there, everybody who was present was assaulting, everybody there who was present was part of a coup attempt, everybody there that was present should be punished – he said (Gonell)- to the fullest extent of the law.”

See video of the protester described above being beaten by cops here as Fitzsimons attempts to help the poor man:

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

One of the heroic tales that Gonell has told about himself is that he saved another fellow officer by pulling him up by the collar, something quickly questioned and disproven with video by Taylor-Smith.

Gonell also swore under oath that when Fitzsimons assaulted him he felt “the worst pain in his entire life”. Taylor-Smith then played a montage of clips of Gonell in the back of the Capitol after “the worst pain in his life” where he seemed to be moving his arms and shoulders freely and in no physical duress. Taylor-Smith asked him “Was that you in the worst pain of your life, Sergeant?”

Gonell became incredibly irate and defensive, and started rambling something along the lines of “What was I supposed to do? I had to protect the Vice President, the President and the line of succession was at stake.” Seriously?! I don’t think they would have missed this self-inflated dim-wit who truly believes he is “The One Immigrant Who Saved Democracy”.

Gonell with his signature tissue.

Gonell claims he had to have shoulder surgery shortly afterwards, and has been out on permanent disability since January 21st of 2021.

He recently announced in a sickening New York Times op-ed titled “I was Betrayed By President Trump” that his doctor broke his heart and told him he “could never work as a police officer again” due to his injury. He spends his cushy retirement waiting to cash in on a lawsuit against President Trump and his allies, getting paid for media appearances and shopping around his phony memoir “An American Treason: How One Immigrant Saved Democracy”. What a sick egomaniac.

Two Liars. (Jim Bourg/Pool via AP)

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

According to defender Taylor-Smith’s closing statement:

“It cannot escape (the court) that Officer Gonell does have a financial interest in the outcome of this matter. In addition to the fact that he is shopping around a book deal “An American Treason: How One Immigrant Saved Democracy”, he also testified about pending lawsuits and going after individuals civilly…and he has testified that he’s participated in over 60 interviews and at least two of them he was paid for.”

In closing, the Biden-supporting attorney argued that protesters had every right to be at the Capitol to protest what they thought was a stolen election. She expressed REAL VISCERAL DISGUST when Gonell said he believed everyone on January 6th were part of a coup and should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

Here is more of the Taylor-Smith’s fantastic closing argument:

“Sargeant Gonell has said so many times that “it is Kyle Fitzsimons who did this. Kyle Fitzsimons who created the injury”. He can’t walk it back now, Your Honor. He said it to Congress, he said it to law enforcement, he said it in 60 interviews. He said it in his book treatment. So (to him now) it can’t be anyone else! Even though he clearly saw in the video that there are numerous people pulling on Sargeant Gonell’s actual shield. Remember when we first talked about how he got his injuries? He said- “Oh, my shield got pulled, my shield got pulled”. And it was only after sitting on the stand and watching the testimony and realizing that Mr. Fitzsimons actually never.made contact with the shield that all of a sudden it became “my strap, it was my strap”. That’s because it HAD TO BE Mr. Fitzsimons. Mr. Fitzsimons had become the poster child  for January 6th. Never mind the fact that I showed Sargeant Gonell (the evidence). Sargeant Gonell testified that is was the worst pain he had felt in his entire life, that it was a ten on the Richter scale. In a statement he (Gonell) says that he ‘received his injury when a rioter had pulled on his shield’. Gonell said ‘he was determined not to lose the shield and hung onto it with his fingertips which caused significant strain in an awkward direction on his shoulder. (Gonell said) other rioters were striking on the shield and this further exasperated the injury’. I don’t know how you further exasperate a 10 of 10 on the richter scale! It’s because, Your Honor, it’s got to be Kyle Fitzsimons (to Gonell) now who pulled on the shield! But the government simply has not met its burden beyond a reasonable doubt. And the burden that the government bears is not based just on what a witness feels or thinks- its based on actual evidence.

If there were a jury in the box, the court would instruct that jury that Sergeant Gonell’s testimony is not to be afforded any additional weight than any other witness that was presented at the trial. That is why I will submit to the court that it is clear that Sergeant Gonell has demonstrated that he was not just an active participate in the events that occurred on January 6th, but he’s been MORE THAN an active participant in the events following the events and the prosecution. Sergeant Gonell has given a number of statements about how he feels about the January 6th incident and the individuals who have been arrested. He said that most ‘insurrectionists’ are getting leniency in the type of charges, and light sentences they are getting and request for removal restrictions. (Gonell said) “I’m outraged. I feel angry, frustrated, in fear, vulnerable.”

It is truly a criminal shame America could not watch this trial on television. It would be a GAME CHANGER for the Democrats and Moderates to see a  Capitol Police Officer get caught in multiple lies on the stand. It would change hearts if regular people saw a leftist public defender rightfully and articulately stand up for her January 6th client’s right to protest what he perceived to be a stolen election. In fact, it was possibly the first time in a January 6th courtroom that the “belief in the stolen election” was not treated as taboo by even the defendant’s own attorney. That was due in part to the flawless opening statement made by Taylor-Smith, which helped set the tone for the trial.

Hopefully we see less of Gonell and his tissue box now that he has been exposed.

He should consider changing the title of his book to “How a Compromised Cop Committed Perjury to Aid in Taking Down the Nation: The Aquilino Gonell Story”.

Defendant Kyle Fitzsimons as a free man before his unlawful imprisonment at DC Gitmo.

Help J6 defendant Kyle Fitzsimon’s family and baby daughter HERE.

*The trial commenced on Friday and the judge is expected to come back with a verdict in approximately two weeks. We will keep you updated.

Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at or if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.  She is also running for New York State Assembly (

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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Trump Sec Recounts Time Biden Creepily Touched Her, Says It Would Be ‘Sexual Harassment’ Under His Own Proposals

An interview with former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has sent the parallel trends of #CreepyJoe and #MeToo careening into each other in a fiery collision that could very well consume the Biden White House in scandal.

During an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” DeVos claimed that prior to his installation as president, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. pressed his forehead against hers as the two were having a conversation.

Aside from being just a creepy interaction, it was one that under the Biden administration’s proposed updates to Title IX law could be considered an act of “sexual harassment,” DeVos said.

“I’ve only had one encounter with Joe Biden, and it was before he decided to run for president again,” DeVos told host Megyn Kelly on the Wednesday podcast. She added that she had never met him before this encounter.

“I was in a wheelchair. I was backstage after speaking,” she recalled. “He came up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and his forehead on my forehead for several seconds, and had conversation with me.”

DeVos continued, “If he had done that as a student on a college campus, under his proposed rule I would have a Title IX sexual harassment allegation to levy against him because of his conduct.”

While DeVos did not specify when this took place, both she and Biden were speakers at the winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in January 2019. At the time, DeVos was wheelchair-bound following a cycling accident, according to the New York Post.

Biden asked about her injury, DeVos explained to Kelly, and “told me he had nine screws in his shoulder but everybody thought they were in his head.”

“He was doing this while holding onto my shoulders with his forehead pressed to mine,” DeVos said.

Kelly seemed aghast at the revelation, describing the act as “disgusting” and “another example of [Biden’s] inappropriate boundary-crossing.”

Taking to Twitter after the fact, the veteran journalist wrote, “Did not see this one coming today in my interview w/Betsy DeVos.”

While The Western Journal has been unable to locate footage of the alleged incident, we do have an otherwise unrelated video that approaches the right level of creepiness.

During the interview, DeVos was highly critical of the Biden-Harris regime’s drive to reverse Trump administration reforms of Title IX that swept away provisions that allowed malicious false accusations of sexual harassment to be made with impunity.

As education secretary, DeVos applied reforms to “combat sexual misconduct without abandoning our core values of fairness, presumption of innocence and due process.” She was making the point on Kelly’s show that under Biden’s proposed changes to her reforms, he too could be accused of misconduct over the forehead incident.

Her revelation of the incident itself, though, may have overshadowed the point about Title IX reform she sought to make.

The Western Journal reached out to the White House for comment prior to publication and will update this article with any response.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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